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Thermal experiences are available throughout the year at our resorts. Water surfaces are spread out on 1,760 m², while sunlight and catering services await our guests on a total of 10,000 m² of surface. Nested within Hotel Vesna lies a city of water attractions for the whole family. Hot springs, children’s pool, massage showers, whirl-pool, and genuine Roman baths guarantee that you won’t be bored even when visiting during winter. Outdoor water park opens its watery mischiefs for visitors as soon as the first warm rays of sun shine into the valley.


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Water park Zora

Outdoor water park opens its watery mischiefs for visitors as soon as the first warm rays of sun shine into the valley. Attractive thermal water surfaces, overpouring pools, water attractions, water slides, and a rich catering program create an actual city of water adventures. A lovely paved terrace and nicely tended grass surfaces compose a pleasant enviroment for perfect thermal pleasure, and a wooden bridge connects both sections, leading visitors from indoor to outdoor pool complex.


Water analysis

Water of the thermal spring (29 to 36°C) is suitable for medical treatments:
  • chronic neurological diseases
  • problems with spine and joints
  • post injuries state
  • post operational state of moving extremities
Water analysis: lygomineral hypothermal, “Ca – Mg – hydrogen carbonate”;
  • cations (mg / kg): sodium 3.44, potassium 1.00, calcium 61.4, magnesium 14.4, strontium 0.52, Fe 0.01;
  • anions (mg / kg): chloride 3.55, fluoride 0.01, iodide 0.01, nitrate 1.86, hydrogen sulphide 0.39, sulphate 30.7, hydrogen carbonate223.00.
In our country, we will certainly help you with modern medical facilities and top medical personnel.
Environment and bathing friendly preparation of bathing water.In the health resort, we are aware that the adequacy of bathing water is one of the most important factors for ensuring the health and well-being of bathers. Therefore, we pay special attention and constant care. We use technology to achieve the chemical and microbiological suitability of water. We monitor the quality of water on a daily basis with manual and automatic measurements, as well as continuous monitoring by the National Institute of Public Health.In 2017, the preparation of bathing water began using more advanced and environmentally friendly and more dignified technology for regulating the pH of thermal water with carbon dioxide.  It also acts bactericidal and bacteriostatic and in this way “helps” chlorine in the disinfection of water. Therefore, less chlorine is consumed. Water is less cloudy after using carbon dioxide.  Carbon dioxide is also used for medical purposes. The mineral bath with CO2 improves blood flow through the skin of the capillaries and blood circulation of the internal organs, helps to wound healing, the faster the exchange of oxygen and residual metabolism, improves the immune system, reduces blood pressure and heart rate, improves water discharge, acts anti-inflammatory and reduces frost sensitivity . Therefore, we can say that bathing water in our thermal pools is user-friendly.

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