Exploring Topolšica and its surroundings




Exploring Topolšica and its surroundings

If you don’t know Topolšica and its surroundings yet, here are some suggestions for activities suitable for all generations. There are many possibilities for different adventures, so you will definitely not be bored! Let the exploration of Topolšica with its beautiful surroundings begin!


The surroundings of the spa offer a number of hiking and cycling trails. In the spa park, in front of the hotel, there is a map of the themed hiking trails in the area. The most popular is the route to the local hill Lom. An undemanding route, it will take you to the top in about 1.5 hours, and in between you will be able to stop at many viewpoints that offer beautiful views of this valley. More demanding hikers can visit the nearby peaks such as Uršlja Gora, Smrekovec, Golte, Sv. Križ, Sleme etc.

Tip: Visit the themed Metuljevo pot in Topolšica. On the way you will be accompanied not only by butterflies, but in some places beautiful views of the Šaleška valley, the smells of flowering meadows, the green comfort of forests and local cultural and historical features of the local countryside.

E-bike rental

At the hotel you can rent electric bicycles, which will allow you to cycle easily, without much effort. Of course, you can also bring your own bicycles and keep them in a secure garage. If you ask for a map of the route at the reception, they will be happy to give it to you.

Tip: An excellent choice is the bike path between Topolšica and Velenje. On the way you will cross the town of Šoštanj, drive along the Šaleške lakes and continue to the town of Velenje.

Cycling with electric bicycles in the vicinity of the spa


In the building of the spa park there is a memorial room, which represents the partial German capitulation of Army Group E and the German forces for SE Europe. It was signed by General Aleksander Löhr. Take a walk through the spa park and watch a short film about the events of May 1945 in these places completely free of charge.

Family visiting the memorial room

Spa park


In the immediate vicinity of the spa is the church of Sv. Jakoba. An easy walk from the spa to the church takes about 20 minutes. In the meantime, you can admire the beauties of nature.

Cerkvica Sv. Jakoba


Along the main road to the spa you will notice a large farm where black-and-white and gray-brown dairy cows graze on green pastures. The farm boasts an excellent cheese factory and includes a small shop and vending machines where you can buy various dairy products such as cream, cottage cheese, yogurt, cream, cheese, spreads with delicious additions of spices and herbs and more.

The Napotnik family in front of their dairy vending machines


Today, the Leather Museum in Slovenia is housed in the buildings of the former leather factory in Šoštanj, which was the largest and most modern tannery in the Balkans between the two world wars. You will be able to learn about leather processing processes, leather machines, devices, tools, etc.

Opening Hours

Summer opening hours (1 April to 31 October): Tuesday to Sunday from 9 am to 5 pm, closed on Mondays.

Winter opening hours (1 November to 31 March): Tuesday to Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm, closed on Mondays.

Part of the collection at the Leather Museum


Villa Mayer is a typical example of bourgeois architecture of late historicism and is located in the heart of Šoštanj, surrounded by a park. In it you can see the permanent museum collections of sculptural works by Ivan Napotnik, famous for wooden sculptures, the ethnographic collection of Zvone A. Čebul and the horticultural collection of Alojz Kojec.

Opening hours: every day from Tuesday to Friday from 10:00 to 16:00 hours, Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays closed.

Vila Mayer


Pusti grad Šoštanj, as the locals called it, is the oldest of the three Šoštanj castles and has been in ruins for a long time. Only the defensive tower has been preserved. An easy and short marked walking path from the town of Šoštanj leads to the castle. The castle has a beautiful view of Šoštanj and its surroundings and the Šaleška lakes.

Pusti grad


For all adrenaline enthusiasts, there is the Lajše sports airport near Topolšica. You will be able to see the entire Šaleška Valley from a bird’s eye view and admire its magic. Ask about the possibility of flying a sports plane and spice up your vacation.

Contact: Zvonimir Mavri (041/470-340, zvonimir.mavri@gmail.com)

View from a sports plane


The Šaleška Lakes are the result of lignite mining, which has been exploited in the Šaleška Valley for one hundred and thirty years. The lakes consist of Družmir, Velenje and Škalsko lakes. Where the lakes are now, there used to be several rural settlements that have partially or completely disappeared.

In the vicinity of the lakes there are several trails that you can go on foot or by bike. They are also suitable for family walks. The first, Družmirsko Lake, is located in the immediate vicinity of the town of Šoštanj, which is about 15 minutes by bike or about 5 minutes by car from Topolšica.

Panoramic view of the Šaleška lakes

Our reception or animation team will be happy to advise you on other activities and attractions that you can visit.