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Embraced by warmth, sensual fragrances, and soothing calm, you may choose from an assortment of different saunas and baths. Enjoy a classic or extreme Finnish sauna, delight in the power of herbs, and indulge in an ancient steam bath. For a complete refreshment of body and mind enjoy the experience of ice caver or Kneipp terrace. And for a visit in the world of relaxing aromas and tranquil pleasures there are theme rest areas.Experience an entirely new dimension of relaxation in the sauna world of Wellness Centre Zala.


Finnish Sauna and Extreme Finnish Sauna

The most widely known version of saunas will warm you up in a pleasant embrace of wood. The temperatures of our saunas range between 80 and 90°C, and the air humidity is approximately 15%. Finnish sauna’s healing treatment will strengthen your immune system, help with detoxifying, and brace the body for daily enviromental stress. Finnish sauna is a wonderful relaxation for body and mind.


Steam Sauna

Ancient Romans already knew the magical power of steam baths, so it is not surprising that this oldest form of sauna remains popular to this day. Today we can see these in their original forms in Turkey (hamam) and Russia (banja), whereas as our guests you can experience a modern version of traditional steam sauna. Due to 100% air humidity the temperatures in the sauna range from 45 to 55°C. The combination of temperature and relative humidity is ideal for relaxation and causes natural steam inhalation, which has an especially beneficial effect on respiratory organs. Steam sauna is incredibly effective at purifying the skin and opening skin pores, relaxing the muscles and detoxifying the organism.


Herbal Sauna and Bio Herbal Sauna

This type of sauna is one of the humid Finnish saunas (from 24 to 35%), thus the temperatures in them are lower (from 45 to 70°C).Due to lower temperatures it is advisable to start the sauna activity in these kinds of saunas. Aromatic herbs filling the room’s ambient work to open the pores and cleanse the airways next to having a relaxing effect on the body. Herbal sauna relaxes the muscles and nervous system.


Salt Sauna

The tradition of salt saunas stretches all the way from the first olympics. Greek athletes have used salt baths and massages to stimulate the bloodstream and respiration of skin to improve their well-being. Today salt sauna is still regarded as an efficient bath to improve physical condition and well-being, and acts as an excellent natural peeling that returns freshness to the skin. Air temperatures in salt sauna vary from 45 to 55 °C, with humidity up to 100%.


Mud Sauna

Mud sauna performed in a steam sauna is excellent for improving the activity of internal organs and thyroid. It benefits the circulatory system and eases lower back and joint pains. Temperatures in the sauna vary from 45 and 55°C, and humidity varies between 90 and 100%


Honey Sauna

Honey therapy usually takes place in steam baths in order to additionally strengthen the healing effect of honey treatment. Honey completely naturally regulates skin moisture, thus making the skin soft and tender. It has antibacterial effects and fills the skin with vitamins and other remedial elements. Honey is the oldest agent for skin care, which also makes honey sauna a true natural experience.


Laconium Sauna

With somewhat lower temperatures (50°C) and humidity up to 100% this sauna is suitable for initial warm-up of the body. It acts to purify, accelerate sweating and detoxifying. It is mainly beneficial for stimulating heart and vascular activity.


Ice cave

The cooling therapy in the ice cavern will invigorate you upon exiting the hot sauna ambient. Cooling down quickly has always been an integral part of the sauna ritual. Ancient Romans already believed in healing properties of hot-and-cold therapies that stimulate circulation and strengthen the body’s immunity.


Kneipp Terrace

Kneipp’s therapies are extremely valued as natural means of boosting the immune system. Invigorating enjoyment of hot and cold on the terrace of Wellness Centre Zala will strengthen your organism and protect it from negative influences and everyday stress.


Resting areas

Rest is one of the most pleasant parts of natural relaxing therapies. Wellness Centre Zala has no less than three thematically coloured resting nooks for those relaxing moments. Pleasant relaxing ambients will guide you through colours and fragrances of lavender and water lily, as well as provide aromatic teas and natural snacks.



Between relaxing sauna treatments, indulge in pleasant pampering of thermal waters. Water droplets and murmuring bubbles of massage pools will take you through wonderful feelings of weightlessness and easiness, while the healing thermal water tends to your physical and psychical well-being.


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