Wellness services price list

In our modern wellness centre, we pamper you with five-star experiences tailored to your wishes. You can enjoy peace and warmth in the relaxation and health centre, open your senses with invigorating natural scents, take time for relaxation in saunas, and enjoy our massage and cosmetic services. In the end, you can shape your body in a fitness, from where you will be greeted by a breath-taking panoramic view of a forest.


World of saunas

Sevice namePrice
Daily entrance17 € (Mon-Fri)
19 € (Sat, Sun, Holidays)
Daily entrance for hotel and apartment guests11 € (Mon-Fri)
12 € (Sat, Sun, Holidays)
4 entries (30 days)56 €
12 entries (90 days)145 €
Daily ticket for swimming pool + World of saunas22 € (Mon-Fri)
24 € (Sat, Sun, Holidays)
Sauna + lunch25 € (Mon-Fri)
27 € (Sat, Sun, Holidays)
Rental of additional towel or sheet1 €
Rental od additional bathrobe2 €

VIP wellness

Service namePrice
Rental of the VIP private wellness - 3 hours
(steam bath, Finnish sauna, whirlpool, resting area)
80 €
Extra hour in VIP private wellness15 €
Rental of the VIP private wellness with lunch/dinner for two persons
100 €
Pampering for two - 3 hours
(steam bath, Finnish sauna, jacuzzi, resting area)
50 €
An extra hour of pampering for two10 €
Accessories in the sauna: salt, honey, mud...2 €



Classic massages

Service nameDescriptionDurationPrice
Massage ZALAIs a unique massage of the wellness centre, based on the techniques of classical massage, which is supplemented with our other massage techniques. Masseur uses natural shea butter as a medium.70 min50 €
Manual classic massage - whole body Is a whole body massage. It is the most natural method of healing and maintaining health through touch.50 min38 €
Antistress full body massage Is a massage of certain parts of the body, based on the techniques of classical massage. Effectively relieves stress, relaxes tension in the body and works energetically.50 min41 €
Reflexology foot massage Is a massage of reflex zones on the feet, the main goal of which is complete relaxation. It contributes to reducing the disorders of the internal organs. Life energy flows through ten channels that have a start and end on the feet.30 min28 €
Aroma reflexology foot massage It provides the same benefits as reflexology foot massage, except that essential oils are used instead of conventional oils. 30 min30 €
Face, neck and décolleté massage
Massage based on the techniques of classical massage, shiatsu, and lymphatic drainage. It is suitable for anyone who wants some pampering, in particular.30 min
25 €
Children’s massage
For children aged 2 to 12 years.25 min
20 €
Mini facial massage For children aged 2 to 12 years.20 min
15 €

Special massages

Service nameDescriptionDurationPrice
Manual therapeutic massage (half) Has the same positive effects on the body as a full body massage. It's a half-body massage.25 min25 €
Manual therapeutic massage (partial)Has the same positive effects on the body as a full body manual massage. It is a massage of one part of the body only.20 min20 €
Sports therapeutic massage (full body)A full body massage for sportsmen and recreationists. Compared to a classic manual massage the pressure is applied more strongly, but specifically with regard to individual sporting discipline.50 min43 €
Sports therapeutic massage (partial)A half-body massage, most often performed on the spine. 25 min27 €

Therapeutic massages

Naziv storitveOpisTrajanjeCena
Aroma massage (full body)Is a massage of the entire body, based on the techniques of classical massage. Effectively relieves stress, relieves tension in the body and acts as a stimulant.50 min40 €
Anticellulite massage (partial) Is one of the massages similar to classic massage, with a combination of lymph drainage techniques. It focuses on the problematic area of the lower part of the body, where cellulite appears, so it is not performed throughout the body. It activates the action of the lymph and accelerates the discharge of toxins from the body, thereby reduces cellulite.20 min20 €
Massage with volcanic stones Is a combination of thermal massage with 54 warm volcanic basalt stones and 18 cold marble stones. Hot stones additionally heat up the body, thus relaxing the muscles and passively increasing the circulation of body parts that are chronically cold. On the other hand, cold marble stones cool the body and stimulate it to function. All this helps to balance and perfect harmony of the body.90 min60 €
Dr. Breuss massageA gentle and beneficial form of back massage. Massage contributes to elimination of psychological and physical blockages thus enabling better energy flow throughout the body. It is one of the few massages that can be performed also in the case of an acute back pain.30 min25 €

Body care

Service nameDurationPrice
Whole body peeling 20 min20 €

Facial care

Service namePrice
Makeup25 €
Colouring of eyebrows or eyelashes5 €
Shaping of eyebrows 5 €

Face care with Afrodita cosmetics

Service nameDescriptionDurationPrice
Classical care It is intended for anyone who wants clean and beautiful skin, with no impurities and with restored moisture (deep cleansing, peeling, and mask) 60 min40 €
Hyaluron care for deep skin moisturizing Care based on the revolutionary patented form of 100% natural hyaluronic acid. Due to low molecular weight, it penetrates into deeper layers of the skin, thereby stimulating the formation of vital cells that form two important skin proteins: elastin and collagen. The skin becomes youthful, vital, smooth, velvety soft and fresh.60 min43 €
Honey-milk luxurious facial treatment An enchantingly seductive care with a sweet vanilla scent for natural pro-age skin care, which offers moisturizing and regeneration. Milk & Honey nutritious mask due to the content of royal jelly, coconut milk, and oil acts as a "miraculous elixir of life and youth".75 min48 €
Men's facial care Intended for all men who want to be pampered and to have clean skin. Care includes a scrub, deep cleansing and mask.40-50 min35 €

Face care with 100 % natural cosmetics Eve Taylor

Service nameDescriptionDurationPrice
Refreshing facial care Refreshing facial care with oxygen, hyaluronic acid, and relaxing massage of acupressure points. Care rich in natural oils, essential fats, vitamins A, E and D. It is suitable for all types of skin and is intended for anyone who wants to have fresh, moistened and nutrified skin.45 min75 €

Hand care

Service namePrice
Manicure Zala (includes basic manicure, hand skin peeling, hand massage and nail polishing)27 €
Manicure with nail polishing20 €
Nail cutting5 €
Half manicure with nail shell or gel II polishing(nail polishing with a durability of up to 2 weeks + nail protection according to the IBX system) 23 €
Removing shell or gel II nail polish5 €
IBX SYSTEM stand-alone service10 €
Nail art (1 nail)1 €
French nail polishing (normal or permanent nail polishing) 3 €
Mini manicure for children (2-12 years)13 €

Foot care

Service namePrice
Pedicure Zala (includes classical pedicure, foot skin pealing, foot massage and nail polishing)40 €
Pedicure - problematic feet (ingrown toenails, callus, corns, diabetic foot)35 €
Pedicure – basic (feet pedicure and foot nail manicure, including polishing)30 €
Pedicure – half (nail shaping and cutting or feet shaping) 15 €
Pedicure – whole with shell or gel II nail polishing 43 €
Treatment of an ingrown nail10 €
Corn treatment10 €
Placing a metal clip for ingrown nails 20 €
Removing a metal clip for ingrown nails 10 €
Permanent nail polishing - shell or gel II nail polishing(with a durability of up to 2 weeks) 23 €
Mini pedicure for children (2-12 years)13 €


Service nameDepilation with waxDepilation with sugar paste
Face6 €10 €
Arms13 €18 €
Armpits8 €13 €
Back20 €25 €
Back partial treatment18 €23 €
Chest18 €23 €
Half leg treatment15 €20 €
Full leg treatment20 €30 €
Full leg treatment + bikini area 25 €33 €
Bikini area10 €13 €
Package treatment (legs, bikini area, arms, armpits)35 €45 €
Brasilian wax22 €


Service namePrice
One-time entry5 € (Mon-Fri)
6 € (Sat, Sun, Holidays)
One-time entry for hotel and apartment guests4 €
Monthly ticket with 4 entries20 €
Monthly ticket with 8 entries34 €
Monthly ticket with unlimited number of entries45 €
Monthly ticket unlimited number of entries + 4 entries to the sauna
70 €
A three-month ticket with an unlimited number of entries for 90 days110 €

The price list is valid from 1st January 2019.




Swimming pools

Until further notice, the use of swimming pools is only possible for guests of the accommodation capacities of Terme Topolšica.

Special notice

The hotel’s saunas and the Zora Summer Water Park are closed due to renovations.

Wellness center Zala remains closed until further notice.

Thank you for your understanding. We are at your disposal for all information.

T: +386 3 8963 170
E: wellness@terme-topolsica.si