Neuro medical wellness

Topolšica Natural Spa has a long tradition of its medical programs, in particular spa treatment and outpatient physiotherapy, as well as wellness programs. Combining both, professional health programs and welfare programs, is a vision of current trends in the world.

Since Topolšica Natural Spa has a standard, verified by the Ministry of Health, based on a natural healing factor: standards 1 and 2 (rheumatic diseases), standard 3 (conditions after injuries and operations of the locomotor apparatus), and standard 4 (neurological diseases), based on many years of experience in the treatment of multiple sclerosis, we decided to offer a NEURO MEDICAL WELLNESS program.

Neuro medical wellness
Neuro medical wellness
Neuro medical wellness

NEURO MEDICAL WELLNESS is intended for guests who have suffered neurological disorders or are suffering from chronic neurological diseases. Our programs are intended primarily for patients:

  • after a stroke;
  • suffering from Parkinson's disease;
  • suffering from multiple sclerosis;
  • suffering from chronic headache;
  • suffering from fibromyalgia;
  • suffering from neuroborelliosis;
  • suffering from sleep disorders;
  • suffering from burnout syndrome.

The purpose of NEURO MEDICAL WELLNESS programs is to improve the patient's health after neurological diseases, improve sleep, regulate body weight, gain, and improve physical fitness.


NEURO MEDICAL WELLNESS services consist of:

  1. Official medical services
  2. Healthy diet services
  3. Wellness services, use of swimming pools and sauna
  4. Other services
Neuro medical wellness
Neuro medical wellness
Neuro medical wellness

Basic package

In the Topolšica Natural Spa, we offer our patients the basic package and the possibility of additional services.


The basic package consists of the following services and last from 10 to 14 days

  • Full board in a single room
  • Consultation with a healthcare practitioner
  • Measurements of basic parameters (haemogram, blood sugar, blood pressure measurement, blood fat measurement, urine analysis, PSA for men, body weight)
  • BMI measurement (body mass index)
  • Healthy diet consultation
  • Physiotherapeutic and occupational therapeutic services provided after consulting a health care practitioner (up to 4 per day)
  • Exercises in the swimming pool and use of swimming pools and sauna after a consultation with a spa doctor
  • Use of wellness services after consultation with a spa doctor (Nordic walking, treadmill, indoor cycling, weights training)
  • Social games, writing a diary


As user of NEURO MEDICAL WELLNESS services, you have the opportunity to actively participate in the rehabilitation and wellness program yourself. We offer you the opportunity to inform us in advance about the duration of Neuro Medical Wellness program and what additional services would you like to enjoy.

  • Extra
  • Consultation with a physiotherapist
  • Consultation with a cardiologist
  • Orthopaedic consultation
  • Consultation with an occupational therapist
  • Logopedic treatments (three times)
  • Cervical vessels ultrasound
  • Intracranial vessel colour Doppler
  • ECG
  • Multiple-factor stress test - cielergometry
  • Manual lymphatic drainage (once)
  • Whole body manual massage (once)
  • Reflex foot massage (once)
  • Face and scalp care (once)
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