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Health spa treatment

Health care spa treatment is approved by a health provider appointed by the Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia (ZZZS) on the proposal of the insured person's chosen health provider or a health provider who is treating the insured person in the hospital.


When a chosen health provider or a hospital doctor determines the need for a health spa treatment, he/she makes a proposal for a health care spa treatment to the appointed doctor of the Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia. The latter may propose a stationary health spa treatment, a treatment in a nursing home or an outpatient clinic. A hospital doctor may also propose to the appointed doctor of the Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia to continue the hospital treatment, and the appointed doctor of the Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia will approve or reject the proposal.


The insured person has the right to health care treatment according to health conditions referred to in Article 45 of Amendments to the Compulsory Health Insurance Rules (POZZ), insofar as the functional capability is expected to be delivered and improved.


Health care spa treatment is carried out in a stationary manner - for up to 14 days (the Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia (hereinafter: ZZZS) covers the costs of a full board in a 3-star hotel double room and treatment of up to 20.5 ZZZS points ), treatment at the nursing department (the ZZZS covers the full-board costs of the nursing department, care and therapy without restrictions) or ambulatory treatment - for up to 10 days. In the case of individual health conditions defined in the POZZ, the health care spa treatment can be extended by up to 7 days if further improvement in functional capacity is expected (especially in the event of patients according to standard 4 - neurological diseases).


The insured person may claim the right to a health care spa treatment for the same illness or injury in the event of its clinically significant (functional) deterioration after the expiration of two years from the issuance of a previous decision or from the completion of comprehensive medical rehabilitation at the tertiary level - in the case of an insured person from the age of 18, or after the expiration of one year if the insured person is up to 18 years of age. Within the framework of approved healthcare treatment, the insured person shall be entitled to the type and scope of the services determined by the healthcare practitioner in accordance with the standards set out in Annex ZDRAV II / d-1 to the General Agreement for the contract year 2014.


A patient chooses a health care spa resort in which he would like to receive such treatment. The selected natural health care spa resort must have a recognised standard for the patient's disease issued by the Ministry of Health.

Medical centre

Health treatment standards

  • Standard type 1 - Inflammatory rheumatic diseases
  • Standard type 2 - Degenerative extracellular rheumatism
  • Standard type 3 - Condition after injuries and operations on the locomotor system with functional impairment
  • Standard type 4 - Neurological diseases, injuries and diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system including stroke and neuromuscular diseases
  • Standard type 5 - Cardiovascular diseases and conditions
  • Standard type 6 - Gynaecological diseases, conditions after breast surgery, urological diseases, conditions after surgery of malignancies
  • Standard type 7 - Skin diseases
  • Standard type 8 - Gastroenterological and endocrine disorders, gastrointestinal and internal
  • Standard type 9 - Respiratory diseases
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