Spa Therapy

The spa therapy is approved by the nominated doctor of the Health Insurance Institute, based on the suggestion of the insured individual’s personal doctor or the doctor, treating the injured individual at the hospital.

The doctor – specialist or personal doctor, who identifies the patient’s need for spa treatment, forwards the suggestion for the spa treatment to the nominated doctor of the Health Insurance Institute, defines regular spa treatment, treatment at the special care department, or sends the insured party on as a continuation of outpatient treatment, while the nominated doctor accepts or rejects the suggestion.

The insured party has the right to spa treatment regarding conditions, stated in Article 45 of the Changes And Amendments To Rules Of Compulsory Health Insurance (POZZ), if the return of functional ability can be expected./p> The spa treatment is carried out in a stationary way – in the duration of up to 14 days, or in an outpatient way – in a duration of up to 10 days. In the cases of individual conditions, which are defined in the POZZ, the spa treatment may be extended to 21 days at most, if additional improvements of functional ability are to be expected. The insured party may exercise the right to spa treatment due to the same condition or injury as well, should its clinically significant (functional) state deteriorate after 2 years from the first decision transpire or the completion of the entire medical rehabilitation at the tertiary level – if the insured party is above 18 years of age, or after one year if the insured party is under 18 years of age. Within the approved treatment, the insured party has the right to a series and range of services, defined by the spa doctor in accordance with the standards, defined in the Attachment ZDRAV II/d-1 to the General Agreement For The Contractual Year 2014.


Stationary spa treatment

In accordance with the insured party’s insurance, the appropriate share of expenses from lodging and medical services are covered by the Health Insurance Institute (charged to compulsory health insurance) while a part of the costs are covered by the health insurance company, where the insured party has their voluntary – additional health insurance.

Outpatient spa treatment

The Health Insurance Institute and insurance company cover only the costs of medical services.

At the natural spa Topolšica, we ensure lodging for the insured parties at the treatment department and are trained for the rehabilitation of insured parties for the following types of standards:

  • inflammatory rheumatic conditions
  • degenerative rheumatism outside joints
  • conditions after injuries and surgeries at the locomotory system with impaired functionality
  • neurological illnesses, injuries and illnesses of the central and peripheral nervous system, including cerebrovascular interventions and muscle – nervous system conditions.
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