Outpatient physiotherapy

Insured individuals are entitled to outpatient physiotherapy once per year due to the same chronic illness.

The work order for such treatment is issued by the chosen doctor, who also sets the type of physiotherapeutic processing.

The work order and the health insurance card must be brought personally to the dispensary of the spa. A check up with the physiotherapist follows immediately after that.

Should you wish to carry out outpatient physiotherapy based on work order during your stay at our spa, send the work order to us immediately and write your mobile phone number onto it. Also write separately that you will be staying at the hotel. If the work order is marked for fast processing, you will be provided with therapy in 45 days or in the desired time period, and if it is marked for regular processingthe treatment will begin after 45 days.

Since, from Jan. 1st 2014, the ZZZS – Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia – does not permit manual massages to be charged to them, we have prepared, for the guests with work order, especially affordable15 minute partial manual massages for 6 EUR. We have decided for such an affordable price because we are aware that massage improves circulation, reduces the tension in muscles and pain and generally improves psychophysical wellbeing.

For all additional information, you may contact us at the telephone number 00 386 896 31 32 or electronic address: nzt.ambulanta@gmail.com