Multiple Sclerosis

The Topolšica Spa centre for treatment of multiple sclerosis is one of the most modern ones of its kind in Europe.

The section discreetly separated from the rest of hotel capacities has its own physiotherapy and electrotherapy section, specialist clinics, gym, and a modern pool.

The centre, rooms included, is adapted to patients who have trouble moving.

All of 28 double and 14 single rooms are renovated and modernly equipped.

The centre also has organized 24-hour nurse duty and constant doctor readiness.

The program of Topolšica Spa MS centre is based on quality and continuated medical rehabilitation. Even years after first signs it enables patients a relatively normal life with full or reduced working capability.

Dear guests with multiple sclerosis,

The Topolšica Natural Health Resort has a long tradition in the rehabilitation of people with multiple sclerosis and remains a modern rehabilitation center which takes into consideration the individual and a comprehensive approach to every single guest. The rehabilitation process includes the whole medical treatment team, composed of occupational therapists, physical therapists, nurses, masseurs, and the doctor. This year, we have introduced some new techniques into the rehabilitation procedure. In addition to problems with the nervous system, muscles and joints, the first check up is now also focused on other problems caused by multiple sclerosis. We offer you the possibility of having a simple memory test, which is performed by two occupational therapists. If you often feel sad or apathetic for longer than 14 days, we will offer you a depression-related questionnaire.  When you are discharged, we will have another discussion about potential depression. You are free to point out any other problems, such as: problems with sight, hearing, speech, swallowing, excretion, sexual problems, problems with pain following injury or the wear and tear of joints or of the spine. We can advise and help you concerning all of these problems, or ask your doctor in the discharge paper to refer you to a suitable specialist.  In the event of injuries or joint and spine wear and tear, we perform goal-oriented physical therapy, which is performed very successfully by our physical therapists.

Based on long-term experience and constant training, the exercises our excellent physical therapists show you are upgraded every year and always adapted to your needs.  Furthermore, they perform pain relief electrotherapy, galvanic baths, laser therapy, ultrasound therapy, magnet therapy, etc. This year the health resort purchased a new laser, which has helped many of our guests with shoulder pain, back pain, heel pain, wound healing, etc.

We have also introduced moist inhalation treatment two times per day, which is done under the supervision of our meticulous nurses at the Mladika Hotel, and has significantly helped all those who have had problems with bronchitis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or asthma, in addition to the common cold.

Experienced and professionally trained nurses monitor your blood pressure and, in the event of hearing problems, perform an EKG scan with our new electrocardiogram, and measure blood saturation with our new pulse oximeter.
Our manager, Ms Lidija Fijavž Špeh, provides financial and moral support in all our efforts to obtain new human resources, devices and knowledge necessary for state-of-the art rehabilitation. Therefore, I believe we can continue to take excellent care of your rehabilitation and significantly improve your health at the same time.

I am glad you have chosen the Topolšica Natural Health Resort for your rehabilitation, as taking care of you is an important challenge and pleasure for us.



The natural and intact environment of the Topolšica Natural Health Resort offers optimal conditions for treatment and rehabilitation. Two key healing factors of the natural environment are:


 The thermal water is oligomineral and hypothermal, and contains the following elements:
cations (mg/kg): sodium 3.44, potassium 1.00, calcium 61.4, magnesium 14.4, strontium 0.52, iron 0.01;
anions (mg/kg): chloride 3.55, fluoride 0.01, iodide 0.01, nitrate 1.86, hydrogen sulfide 0.39, sulphate 30.7, hydrogencarbonate 223.00.

The Vesna Hotel features an indoor semi-Olympic swimming pool with a temperature of 29°C and a winter-summer pool, located partially inside and partially outside, with a temperature between 33°C-36°Cand underwater massage and whirlpools.

The Zora Water Park is open only during the summer time, and the temperature of the thermal water in its pools ranges from 28°C-30°C. The Topolšica Natural Health Resort has a total water surface of 1,760 square meters.

The thermal water in our health resort is beneficial for various ailments and conditions:

1.     spine and joint diseases,

2.     conditions following spine and joint injuries,

3.     postoperative conditions of the motor system,

4.     rheumatic diseases,

5.     neurologic diseases,

6.     respiratory diseases,


The combination of its favorable position and subalpine climate generate conditions for numerous sunny days and prevent the formation of fog. Thus, the Topolšica Natural Health Resort bathes in the sun throughout most of the year.
Such natural resources create conditions for a variety of natural treatments. The Topolšica Hospital for Pulmonary Diseases is also located here.

In addition to its natural healing factors, the health resort has a rich offering of medical treatments, including different therapies which have a beneficial effect not only on the locomotor (motor) system, but also on the comprehensive psychological and physical well-being of our guests.


There are two doctors employed at our health resort.

–       Alenka Košir, MD,  physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist;

–       Katarina Lahovnik, MD,  family medicine specialist;

–       Furthermore, there is a clinic with a specialist in internal medicine and cardiology, and, once a week, an orthopedist.

–       We also have external collaborators, two physiatrists and a neurologist who are occasionally present at the health resort.


Our health resort has 10 physiotherapists who provide the following physiotherapeutic procedures:

1.       Individual- or group-adapted kinesiotherapy. This is performed with different tools (balls, electic bands, special rods, rollers, balance cushions, etc.);

2.       Patient perform handstand on a tilt table, or in the “mini bar” on parallel bars to prevent osteoporosis, pressure sores and contractures, to reduce spasticity, and to improve blood circulation. Gravitation encourages urine secretion and prevents urinary tract infections. Handstands also improve physical well-being;

3.       lessons on how to handle movements from the wheelchair or back onto the wheelchair (transfer school);

4.       walking lessons in the event of lower limb paresis, and not complete paralysis;

5.       exercise in thermal water;

6.       special soft tissue treatment according to Cyriax and Mulligan;

7.       neuro-physiotherapy with the PNF technique (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation)

8.       electrotherapy: interference current, diadynamic current, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, galvanic baths, electro stimulation;

9.       thermotherapy with an infrared light, paraffin body wraps, mud and thermal wraps;

10.   cryotherapy;

11.   magnet therapy;

12.   laser therapy;

13.   ultrasound therapy;

14.   cervical or lumbar spine traction;

15.   moist inhalation and breathing exercises.

All physical therapists individually adapt the exercises and physiotherapeutical procedures to our guests’ needs, making the rehabilitation in our health resort even more successful.


There are two physical therapists employed at our health resort who perform the following therapies:

1.       exercising on the special AKTIV 2000 electric bicycle for  passive leg stretching and active arm stretching,

2.       exercises for fine motor skills for arms,

3.       exercises for arm muscle mass,

4.       exercising on the upper body exercise bicycle,

5.       cognitive training,

6.       a brief cognitive abilities test;

7.       they also advise which tools our guests will need in order to make their life with disabilities easier once they are in their home environment.


Our health resort has a staff comprised of a graduate nurse, nine secondary school nurses and two attendants. The nurses are in charge of health care in the nursing unit, monitoring the vital functions and performing different procedures:

1.       measuring blood pressure, blood oxygen saturation, blood sugar levels, taking EKG scans;

2.       dressing the most difficult wounds and areas around stomas;

3.       intermittent catheterization of women’s urinary bladder;

4.       permanent urinary catheter aspiration;

5.       in the event of severe constipation, the nurses perform an enema;

6.       assisting the guests when they step into the therapeutic pool with a special lift;

7.       assisting the guests with all daily activities they cannot do themselves, and encouraging them to perform activities they would be able to do on their own with some external encouragement and a little assistance.


Our health resort has 10 masseurs who provide the following treatments:

1.       manual massages,

2.       underwater massages,

3.       pearl baths,

4.       manual lymphatic drainage.


The graduate nurse performs laughter yoga which has a beneficial effect on your mental well-being, as it is proven to increase the release of serotonin in the brain. At the same time, laughter is a good form of exercise for the diaphragm and it improves pulmonary ventilation.

The nurses uses their special knowledge from the field of psychology to perform and teach relaxation techniques to cope with stress more easily.


All rooms at the Mladika Hotel are adapted as to enable wheelchair access . The bathroom is specially adapted as well. All areas in both hotels (Vesna and Mladika), and in Zala Wellness are accessible with a wheelchair.

The nursing unit in the Mladika Hotel features 17 electric nursing beds with anti-decubitus pillows and bed trapezes.

Zala Wellness also has an exceptionally equipped gym with many devices for arm and body muscle strengthening. For guests who are doing healing rehabilitation with us, entry into the gym is free of charge.

The entire health care team in the Topolšica Natural Health Resort strives to motivate the guest for rehabilitation and work together to improve his/her health condition.

Katarina Lahovnik, MD, family medicine specialist, head of health care at the Topolšica Natural Health Resort.

Alenka Košir, MD, physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist