Let yourself be spoiled by pleasant touches of our masseurs. In Wellness Centre Zala we have assorted a wide range of massages and care programs for you. From classical and sports, to aromatic and meditatively relaxing massage treatment. Everyone can pick enjoyment suited to their very own needs.

Massage programs:


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Zala massage

The unique massage of Zala Wellness takes you into a world of silky pearls. Skin-care treatment with hot shea butter and powdered pearls nurses the skin and makes it pleasantly soft.

Classical Swedish massage

A massage that heals and relaxes by classical touch. With Swedish massage we influence bodily functions to be more balanced, relax the muscles and restore body vitality. Indulge in complete relaxation or concentrate on a chosen part of the body.

Aroma massage

Aroma massage is a classical massage that takes you to a relaxed state in the company of pleasant fragrances. Indulge in a wave of energy, the smell of chocolate, or a relaxing aroma with added honey.

Cellulite treatment massage

A combination of classical massage and procedures of lymphatic drainage improves circulation in the skin and hypodermic tissue, and accelerates secretion of poisons from the body. The massage is an effective way to prevent the forming of cellulite. By request you will also be able to add sugar cream or various Pandhys oils to your treatment.

Sports massage

A stronger partial or full-body massage intended for professional athletes and recreative sportsmen. The massage is fully adapted to the individual and his sports activity. By massaging we improve physical fitness and lower the chances of injuries.


United in this Indian teaching of life, healing, and psychophysical balance is an assortment of therapeutic massages. From classical Abhyanga massage, purifying Garshan, sports Udwarthana, to healing and relaxing Pina Swedana, Shirodhara, and others. Aryuveda is an ancient knowledge that heals and raises life quality through massage.


A massage originating from Japan performed on the ground. The therapist uses his fingers, thumbs, knuckles, palms, shoulders, knees, and feet, to press on acupressure points on body meridians and energy channels. With a Shiatsu massage of the face, scalp, a particular part, or the whole body we regulate the flow of energy and trigger the process of self-healing.

Massage with hot volcanic stones

Hot-and-cold coverings of volcanic and marble stones warm and cool the body and contribute to body harmony and harmonious activity. Massage of the whole body opens energy centers and creates balance of body and mind.

Reflexive foot massage

Massage of reflexive zones on the feet regulates the activity of internal organs. With proper touching we relax the flow of body energy and eliminate medical problems. Reflexive massage is a wonderful experience and perfect relaxation.