Health resort

Health resort

Due to its gifts of nature, Topolšica Spa has always been considered a first-rate health resort.

Healing thermal water, pure and unspoiled nature, and medical staff of great knowledge represent ideal conditions for treatment of respiratory organs, minor chronic heart and vascular diseases, rheumatism, spinal and joint illnesses, and overcoming stress.

Topolšica health resort is a true paradise for relaxation and natural healing.

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Natural and untainted environment of the Terme Topolšica spa offers excellent conditions for recovery and rehabilitation.
The key factors of this natural environment are:

Thermal Water

Olygomineral hypothermal, “Ca – Mg – hydrogen carbonate”;
cations (mg / kg): sodium 3.44, potassium 1.00, calcium 61.4, magnesium 14.4, strontium 0.52, Fe 0.01;
anions (mg / kg): chloride 3.55, fluoride 0.01, iodide 0.01, nitrate 1.86, hydrogen sulphide 0.39, sulphate 30.7, hydrogen carbonate 223.00.

Mild Subalpine Climate

Between them, the protected position and subalpine climate create conditions for many sunny days and prevent the creation of fog. The Terme Topolšica spa is thus spoiled by sunbeams for most of the year.

These natural characteristics create conditions for numerous natural therapies.

The thermal water (32 °C) is excellent for the treatment of various illnesses:

  • chronic neurological diseases
  • spine and joint illness,
  • conditions after injuries,
  • post – operative conditions on the extremities,
  • respiratory illnesses,
  • milder forms of cardiovascular conditions.

Terme Topolšica was, due to its natural features, been known as a top tier spa for a long time.
Healing thermal water, clean and untainted nature and medical personnel with top of the line knowledge represent ideal conditions for the treatment of respiratory illnesses, milder chronic cardiovascular conditions, rheumatism, spine and joint illnesses and stress management.
The Topolšica spa is a true paradise of relaxation and natural therapies.
At the Topolšica spa, we carry out stationary spa treatments according to Article 45 of the Regulation on Health Insurance, which, at the suggestion of a specialist in their report and special suggestion of the personal selected general practitioner, is approved by the nominated doctor.

With excellent nurses we carry out treatments, with top of the line physiotherapists and working therapists we carry out spa rehabilitation for the following medical rehabilitation standards:

  • TYPE 1 – inflammatory rheumatic conditions (seropositive and negative rheumatoid arthritis and other systemic connective tissue disease)
  • TYPE 2 – degenerative illnesses (wear of spine, shoulders, knees, hips and other joints)
  • TYPE 3 – condition after injuries and surgery on the locomotory system with affected functions(condition after the insertion of hip or knee prosthetic, condition after complete or partial tearing of the Achilles tendon, condition after surgical treatment of various fractures, condition after the tearing of tendons of shoulder muscles – rotator membrane or the ligaments of the knee joint)
  • TYPE 4 – neurological illnesses, injuries and illnesses of the central and peripheral nervous system (condition after stroke, cranial haemorrhage, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis and other progressing neural – muscular diseases)

Medical rehabilitation lasts 14 days but can be extended for up to 28 days upon the suggestion of the doctor at the spa, if the nominated doctor decides for it. Spa rehabilitation is approved when it is reasonable to expect that the patient’s condition will improve significantly for a longer period of time, that functionality and ability to work will return, that the progression of illness will be prevented, or the frequency of absence from work due to said disease will be reduced.

At the natural spa Topolšica, we, the employees, all strive towards the improvement of the condition for which the patient was entrusted into our care and rehabilitation, with diligent work and commitment to the patient’s well being.