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When our path leads us astray from the main roads into the heart of nature, we are greeted by an infinite assortment of primal experiences.

The forest smell filling the lungs. The freedom emanating from the sun. The power of thermal waters, bursting from the bowels of the earth.

The feelings that convince us that “To enjoy” are not just words. Indulge in the harmony of pleasures and wellness experiences.

Let yourself be spoiled by warm touch of thousands of nature’s wisdoms.

Welcome to the temple of relaxation and health of Topolšica Spa.

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Naravno zdravilišče Topolšica, d. d.
Topolšica 77
SI-3326 Topolšica

Reception: +386 3 896 3 100
Wellness: +386 3 896 3 170
Medicine: +386 3 896 3 132


In 16th century the power of thermal water has already drawn visitors to Toplice valley. It has even raised the enthusiasm of Ljubljana’s bishop Tomaž Hren. The health spa, then known as Florian’s, has been opened for public in 1838. It wasn’t until six decades later that the thermal spring has been arranged for utilization for medicinal purposes. At that point the first buildings intended for seasonal guests have been built. At the turn of the century the professionally managed physical-dietary health resort has already begun.

Josip Vošnjak has documented the time of diverse Topolšica life in his Memories (1905) thusly:

“Even an ordinary visitor can’t get a bath for 3 kreutzers anymore. The previous idyll with simple country service for people of robust senses had to give way for a modern health resort for modern unaccustomed people. Here stroll men and women jaded from big-city life barefooted upon sandy paths, bake themselves in the sun, and sleep in open shacks, to mend their ragged senses at least until the next season.”

In the eighties, a modern health-touristical complex with high-quality hotel and restaurant services and numerous recreational and other accompanying activities has grown on the base of health spa tradition.


Cooperation is the first motto of the large family of employees in Topolšica Spa. Together we are fulfilling our mission and following our stated goals and visions. With clear strategical directions we are striving for the highest quality of services in the areas of therapy and tourism.

Continuously introducing novelties and changes, as well as investing into progress keeps our services and offers  constantly at their peak. We are striving for growth and development, not only of the company, but of the entire employee team at Topolšica Spa as well.

We are aware that employees are the foremost driving force of development, therefore we are investing in their education and acquisition of valuable experience under the guidance of highly trained specialists, external colleagues, and work teams. We are enabling our employees to participate in professional seminars and language courses, and are encouraging and financing postgraduate courses. The characteristics of our development strategy are target guidance for achieving optimal business results, and stimulative rewarding system. We are striving for professional as well as personal growth of our employees.

We are always open for creative, diligent, and determined future colleagues. If you feel that you can contribute to the development of our company with your knowledge, experience, and work energy, we invite you to send your CV with work experience on our address.

Terme Topolšica