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Temporomandibularni sklep



If the quality of your life suffers due to jaw joint issues, our professionally trained physiotherapists at the Topolšica spa can help you:
  • if you suffer pain in your face during resting and / or movement,
  • if headache appears,
  • if neck pain appears,
  • if there are sounds (creaking, popping) in the jaw joint
  • if you can not open your mouth enough,
  • if your mouth is dry or irritated,
  • if dental pain is present,
  • if ringing appears in your ears,
  • if the jaw gets stuck,
  • if pain is present during chewing, yawning, etc.
The listed symptoms can be related to problems with the jawbone, facial nerves, chewing muscles and teeth. At the Topolšica spa, we physiotherapists have had special training for jaw joint related pain alleviation. We, physiotherapists, will examine you and upon the evaluation of the jaw joint condition, decide for suitable physiotherapy technique:
  • joint mobilisation,
  • actively assisted exercise
  • technique tighten – relax,
  • treatment of muscle fascial trigger points,
  • massage or lymphatic drainage.
With various techniques that we perform, we affect the cause of pain and this remove or at least alleviate your problems and improve your greatest treasure – health.Our goal is to teach you self help for pain alleviation, proper positions when sleeping, advise on nutrition and proper posture. All techniques are not for everyone so the treatment is individual.